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The essence of a cloud based PMS is that it’s easy for anyone to learn and use. You don’t need to spend excess time educating your staff on how to use the system – and the functionality lets you stay ahead of competitors. In this blog post, we’ll break down these two beneficial factors.

Easy to learn and put to use

We are witnessing an ongoing paradigm shift in the hotel industry, where cloud based systems are starting to play a bigger role. Built with the user in mind, a modern PMS is both easier to learn and to use. Saving you money as well as making your employee’s day to day work more comfortable. When you hire new staff members, you don’t have to worry about wasting time educating them on how to use the system.

A cloud based system like Nitesoft can be learned in less than one day, whether the learning takes place online or at the hotel. Therefore, your new employees can start working almost right away. This makes the process of finding, hiring and educating new staff less complicated. Also, when your employees have learned how the system works, it’s easy for them to keep up with new updates. So when a new version of the PMS is launched, you don’t need to send all your employees on a costly course to learn the new functions.

Why getting in the game is crucial

With free updates, a cloud based PMS is constantly progressing, providing you and your staff with the latest technology. This way you can give your guests everything they deserve and at the same time stay ahead of the competition. Because even though many hotels are fast in the process of switching to a cloud based system, we can still estimate that 85-90 % of the industry is stuck with outdated solutions. Some are still even using paper and spreadsheets!

Not keeping up with accessible functionality is holding the business back. The change taking place right now is to big to ignore. In our opinion, there’s only a matter of time until all hotels are managed with a cloud based PMS. Are you thinking about making the switch? We strongly recommend you to consider the potential profits a modern PMS could provide.

By giving your guests more flexibility with functions like self check in, you might be able to compete for guests you thought was totally out of reach. With the neatly designed booking engine – included when you invest in a cloud based PMS – conversion rates on online bookings are naturally higher. This makes it possible for your hotel to compete with third parties like for example Expedia. Are you up for the challenge? You competitors sure are!

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A paradigm shift is ongoing in the Hoteliers business as concerns Property Management Systems. Cloud based PMS solutions are quickly becoming the premier choice for new hospitality operators.

Read a customer success story

Read a customer
success story