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Letting guests handle check in by themselves, improving internal communication and staying on top of hotel data wherever you are – these are just some of the benefits of increased accessibility. In this blog post we’ll talk about what a cloud based PMS and 24/7 access can do for your hotel.

Access to hotel data from all locations

A cloud based PMS can be used from any location and any device, as long as there’s internet access and a browser available. You no longer need to install different software on multiple computers and locations to keep the business going.

All employees can sign in to the system via individual accounts with user rights depending on their position, for example housekeeping or manager. When you or your staff need to access hotel data, you can do so regardless if you’re at the hotel or not. All you need to do is to sign in to the system.

This makes the work day more efficient since it’s effortless to stay on top of tasks. If you find yourself walking around the hotel, you don’t need to run over to the front desk to check if a certain guest has arrived. You can just sign in to the system from your mobile device of choice and have a look.

More efficient communication between staff members

The system also provides an easy and efficient forum for communication, with staff as well as guests. This makes it possible for employees to notify each other regarding tasks that need to be handled. If a guest for example asks for room service, it can be communicated and taken care of through the system.

When housekeeping is done cleaning a room, they can alert the front desk by using the system, letting them know that the room is ready for a new guest. Internal communication is made more efficient and processes are streamlined with a cloud based PMS. This makes the daily tasks easier for staff and provides guests with better service.

Less crowded guest experience with self check in

As we have mentioned before, a cloud based PMS also comes with a self check in function. This means that guests can manage to check in and out by themselves, through their mobile device or at a touch screen by the front desk. Guest are free to arrive and leave the hotel without depending on any opening hours.

They can also choose if they want to interact with staff or not. When feeling stressed or tired after a long journey, many people can prefer to handle the check in themselves. This reduces lines and time-consuming waiting. When the lobby is free from crowds with people, it also creates a better experience for guests arriving at the hotel.

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Read a customer
success story